Mini Vigilante
In the midst of multiple universes there is a vast universe made just for the minis. Everything in here is small and cute except Evil. Evil is the big bad and it’s grown stronger and intelligent over many centuries. It’s growing almost like a sentient being or so the minis think because Evil is choosing it’s minions very wisely. Fearing the powers of Evil, the Mini Gods decided to introduce extraordinary powers/abilities in selected minis. Having become a symbol of hope for the fearful and a fighting spirit for the brave these minis with extraordinary abilities are now called The Mini Vigilantes.
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About project
This is a storyline/comic book project which revolves around the idea of a fantasy world of small and cute beings called minis (these characters are inspired by animals in our world). The plot will revolve around certain extraordinary minis with superpowers who will fight Evil with their abilities.
Future developments
The project is in very early stage right now with just the idea and few characters decided. In the early phase of the project the characters would be illustrated, defined and showcased as NfT cards ( for anyone not familiar with NfT, it is a technology where a certain media file can be put inside a blockchain so that the owner is always identifiable and the source is verified. This ensures no copyright infringement because no one can change what is put inside a blockchain. ) These NfTs can then be purchased as a collectible. The second phase would be to develop a storyline revolving the characters and build their personality along with the storyline. The idea is to create a comic book along the storyline in the later development phase of this project. With enough support form you guys, I think this would be possible.
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