Lil’ Poison
Short name : Poison
master strategist, Super speed, Super agility, fast thinking, poison of love, stinging web
The sweetest and most caring Vigilante of them all. He is like the father figure to the minis and the idol for alot of them. Minions take his kindness for a weakness and Poison never forgets to teach them a lesson.
Fennec Fury
short name : fenny
Telekinesis, Telepathy, Memory alteration, strong will power, psychic waves
Cute and furious fenny can knock some sense into the toughest minions out there. Not much is known about her past and she is still learning about her powers but that doesn’t stop her from becoming one of the most dangerous Vigilante.
short name : monk
Water manipulation, temperature manipulation, flying, super agility, super durability and strength.
You would think someone as calm as monk could never be tough vigilante, right ? Think again cause the dead pile of thousands of minions knows about the storm that comes after the calm.
short name : Seriously? you need a short for Su?
Master of all kinds of martial arts, can generate electric sparks, Weight manipulation ( can be heavy as a whale/light as air).
Most dedicated Vigilante of them all. Legend says Su once fought the minions for one week straight so that the rest of the minis can enjoy the festivals with their family.
Short name : Furby
Shoots fur balls, Creates a protective fur layer around anything / anyone to protect them, Flying ability, Generation of electricity.
Furby’s furry body is one of the strangest mysteries of mini universe cause the fur becomes hard as a rock and strong as steel the moment it’s released from her. This helps her to fight against an army of minions with ease. She is one of the younger vigilantes.
Short name : Bubs
Bubble shield, Bubble trap, Metal tentacles, Illumination, Invisibility, Slow Ageing.
Minions believe they can extract Bubs' essence to slow down their ageing. They are in a constant hunt for Bubs, but couldn't find her. Nobody can find her unless she wants them to. Her bubbles are strong so when she wraps someone in them, they are definitely having a hard time coming out.
Short name: nyte
Telepathic communication, Vibes manipulation, Aurora manipulation, Moon Beam.
Nyte is the most friendly Vigilante in the Miniverse. He is compassionate, kind and helpful in nature. He is a moon angel and his powers comes directly from moon. As long as the moon remains, his powers remains. His powers grow stronger in moonlight (Mind you, He is one of the strongest even without the moonlight ).
Kuya Cavoom
short name: kuya, cav
Manipulation of energy flow, Alter reality with ideas.
Kuya Cavoom is the master of ideas and since he can alter energy flow, he can bend the Universal energy to be in favour of his ideas. Him and Lil’ Poison work along to make strategies to fight against Evil. Cav has helped many minis by training them to protect themselves against evil minions and that’s why he is called Kuya (Big Brother in English). He has a cool ability to alter the energy flow of inorganic materials which allow him to touch an object and blast them with large amount of energy flow when he says Cavooooom!