Short name : Rax
Foresight into future, Can look into others’ soul, Manipulate people’s will.
Catarax is one rough guy. He is one of the 9 vigilantes of CATALYSTS ( A group of mini vigilantes who are also cats ). He can look into other’s soul and find out about their past and while he is inside their soul, he can manipulate them into his bidding for a short period of time. Catarax can use his foresight to see future as well. He is the Oracle of the minis. Catarax learnt martial arts from Su and is able to fight horde of minions alone. One cool fact about Catarax is that nobody knows why his left eye is missing, we might know about it one day though.
Short name : moveni
Immortality, Manipulating the Dead, Self Atomic Manipulation, Teleportation, Omnipresence, Tireless.
The Gods wanted someone who can fight tirelessly day and night without any sleep, who is so powerful, Evil thinks twice before facing it. Moveni was created to put fear into Fear itself. It can manipulate its own structure atomically which means it takes on not just the structure but the powers and energy of anyone/anything as well. It likes to be looked like a floating skull to intimidate its enemies. But you should know one thing which is, all its toughness and dangerousness is only for the Evil. Its funny and crazy for minis and dearest to most of them. They say you can see the galaxy in its eyes when its the happiest.
short name : lucksy
Extremely Lucky, Strongest Will
Lucksy is an unusual cat with a strange phenomenon always surrounding him. No matter what happens, the situation always ends up in his favour. He is the luckiest and this helps him win almost every fight. Lucksy breaks the oldest stereotype of black cats being unlucky (What an irony, right?)
short name : ele
Vibration manipulation, Immunity from all vibrations, Photographic memory. Abilities: Great detective skills.
Ele comes from one of the royal families of the mini world. Her father is among the fewer minis who doesn't need powers to beat Evil. Ele is expected to take royal responsibilities but she wants to become a detective, the greatest detective of them all. Not many knows about her powers and she likes to keep it that way.